Author: klane

Agents Are Welcome

RollCall Business Conferencing has a very lucrative Agent Program.  Call us at 800 500 7045 to discuss options and buy rates. We handle provisioning-invoicing-customer service-and even collections- You handle the commission check!! Call us Today-    

Recording/Replaying and Downloading Recordings

First, there is no charge to record or to retrieve and download a recording! Second, to initiate the recording at any time during the call, the moderator simply presses Star 22 (*22) on their touch tone phone after they have joined the conference.   All callers will be notified that the call is being recorded.  Callers who join late will also be Read More …

Avoiding Conference Call Pin Code Problems

Hello Again from Kenny Lane, Operations Director of RollCall Business Conferencing. I thought, this month I would talk about avoiding PIN Code problems. You probably know our system determines if you are the host or a participant by the tones you key into your telephone keypad after you hear the “welcome” message. These quasi musical Read More …