Recording/Replaying and Downloading Recordings

First, there is no charge to record or to retrieve and download a recording!

Second, to initiate the recording at any time during the call, the moderator simply presses Star 22 (*22) on their touch tone phone after they have joined the conference.   All callers will be notified that the call is being recorded.  Callers who join late will also be notifed that the conference is being recorded.

When the call has been completed the moderator will receive an email from us confirming that a recording is available.

The email will also contain information on the dates that the recording will remain available (30 days) and also provide dial in numbers and passcodes should you want to tell people to dial in and listen to the recording.

Please note that if people dial in to listen to the recording you will be charged the same toll free per minute rate that is on your account.  However, most people simply want to retrieve the recording and as I indicated earlier, there is no charge for that.

To download the recording you simply need to access the website we created for your company and sign in with your Client ID and Passcode.  (Let me know if you need these credentials and I’ll get them re-sent over to you ASAP).

When you sign on to that website you will be able to access the link to download an MP3 copy directly to your computer.

There are a few screens to navigate though so call us at 800-500-7045 or email us at and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process!