International Toll Free Calls Using Smart Phones

This  may be of interest to you if you have people dialing in from overseas using their smart phones.

Many of the numbers in our international phone listing contain a zero surrounded by parenthesis like this one from Australia:: +61 (0) 7 2015 0608 (note this may not be the Australia number assigned to you).

The purpose of the (0) is to show that if you are local to the city you would just dial the 0 followed by the rest of the phone numbers instead of the entire string.

However, smart phone users will see the entire number underlined -including the (0)- because the phone recognizes it as a phone number.

Unfortunately, any attempt to dial by touching the highlighted number will not work because the phone company will not recognize the (0) as part of a valid dialing string.

3 ways to overcome this limitation:

1-The international participant can dial the phone number directly by keying it in to the dial pad from the smart phone-(what most people do now).

2-The moderator can take out the (0) from the outlook invitation before it is sent (takes only about a second and we can show you how)

3-Particpants and Moderators can dial from the GlobalMeet App on their smart phone which automatically adjusts for the (0) (The best choice!).

Please consider downloading the complementary GlobalMeet Apps and Tools here  to make your conferencing experience the best it can be.