Avoiding Conference Call Pin Code Problems

Hello Again from Kenny Lane, Operations Director of RollCall Business Conferencing. I thought, this month I would talk about avoiding PIN Code problems.

You probably know our system determines if you are the host or a participant by the tones you key into your telephone keypad after you hear the "welcome" message. These quasi musical DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) tones play over the phone line and if those codes match with the toll free number you dialed... You are in like Flynn! But, if there is anything that interferes with those sounds the conferencing platform will tell you "I'm sorry that is not a number I can confirm".

Fortunately, the conferencing platform recites the number back to you so if you actually mis-dialed the pin code you will hear evidence of that right away. But, what happens if the conferencing platform insists the pin code you entered is invalid and you're sure it's not?? What else could cause this??


  • A Bluetooth headset or car kit that doesn't allow DTMF tones to be heard 

  • Skype or similar VOIP service that may not necessarily transmit the tones

  • An incorrect toll free number (the pin codes are tied to a specific toll free number)

  • A damaged phone or a phone that doesn't transmit the tones or the tones are turned off

  • A speakerphone that is providing too much volume into the room (feedback) which interferes with the sound quality of the tones

 How can I avoid this??

I'm glad you asked! The simplest way to avoid this is to have our conferencing platform call you and your participants!!

This is a quick and easy download which allows you to conference directly from your Outlook ToolBar, the GlobalMeet Desktop Tool or Your Smart Phone Picture of Outlook Toolbar.

With GlobalMeet Installed If you click Start My Meeting You Get This Box Automatically in your Browser (NO PIN CODES FOR YOU to remember)

Connect Audio

 If you send your participants an email invitation from the same tool bar-they get the same Connect box-NO PIN CODES FOR THEM to remember either! There is no extra charge to use this service. It is simply an alternative highly reliable method to get people into your existing conferences. This means you already have this on your account!! While some people can get in with your normal pin codes and toll free number others can get in using Connect Me Click here to view a 1 minute video on how to start your GlobalMeet phone only meeting Click Here to View the Download Page for All Devices Well, that's it! I hope you can see the relative ease of having people join your calls (ON TIME now that there is no PIN code required to remember). So, let me know if you would like help or training or both or whatever your thoughts are. Thanks!!